Ordinary 11 year old boy dealing with the extraordinary.

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Tomorrow starts today for me. Follow my journey.

My leg is getting really big

My limb is shrinking and my leg is starting to get really big on me I need now to where seven plies of stocks it’s no comfortable I think the soon I will need a new leg.

Hi! My uncle lost his leg due to diabetes and he was "lucky" to have no phantom pain. Hope yours will disappear too. Or has it already? Sincerely, zijnemajesteit

Thank you i really appreciate

I love your leg! But I'm not a sports fan. Which team is it? Are those the Penn State colors? Is the phantom pain improving? Are you back at school? Lots of people in Israel are following your story. Sincerely, Anonymous

Golden State Warriors

you are just amazing with everything you have done. good luck! Sincerely, Anonymous

Thank you.

You are a very brave young man. Best of wishes to you and your family. Sincerely, Anonymous

Thank you

OMG Amit, I'm an old friend from school. tbh I'm a horrible friend but I'm not the group of people who bullied you in class. I'm an old friend from mira vista I had the curly hair lol. I messaged you on facebook I hope you reply! Sincerely, Anonymous